Shimano ORCA Lures

Efficient aerodynamic design creates a long powerful cast. The proprietary internal weight position produces an erratic pop & dive action. Ultra sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks secure your catch.
The new Orca lures from Shimano are a great option for a wide variety of saltwater species. The hardware on these lures is ROBUST making them at home when targeting striped bass in your favorite local haunt or pelagic species far offshore. When I was testing these lures I was impressed with their action. I didn't take long before some hungry bluefish cast their vote as well, creating a memorable and action-packed evening for myself and a buddy of mine. Shimano hits another home run with the Orca.
Shimano Orca lures created a huge buzz prior to their release and for good reason. Whether you fish the Cape Cod canal for bass or farther out for pelagics they have hardware ready to go right out of the box with through wired construction beafy hooks and split rings. The weighting of the lure makes a pretty good caster and come in a number of great colors.