Tattoos Tackle Darters

Tattoo's Darter features thu-wire construction, carries 3/0 VMC treble hooks, and heavy duty split rings. This lure is designed for normal to moderately heavy surf conditions and best used over structure or in heavy moving waters. Great when larger baits are present or your just out hunting for "Moby". This plug is great when heavy surf is present or conditions are just making it tough for a regular swimmer to "dig" into the water and allow you to feel the lure. Tattoo did a great job on this one! It digs in nice in all conditions when other plugs may not. The slopping front face in combination with a well balanced lure make this plug swim about 3 to 6 feet below the surface allowing it to get down to the zone where the bigger fish may be lurking.
Brand:Tattoos Tackle
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5/ 5 stars
By From Pennsylvania on

Pros: great hardware, built well, swims great
Recommended: Yes

tattoo 2oz darter

this darter is great, it imitates a small snapper blue so well. It swims amazng and has top quality hardware

4/ 5 stars
By From Brooklyn on

Pros: Gets down 3-6'; casts great
Cons: Front treble sometimes tangles
Recommended: Yes

Great plug!

The faster you reel the deeper this plug goes. Stop and it slowly rises to the surface. Great side to side swimming action.

4/ 5 stars
By From CT on

Pros: quality hooks and splitrings
Recommended: Yes

must have

this darter digs in well. I carry at least one in my bag. The yellow works great on those bright nights when confidence is low.

5/ 5 stars
By From Long Island, NY on

Pros: Casts like a dream
Cons: none
Recommended: Yes

First out of my surf bag at night

Casts well, with dependable action. A fish catcher!

5/ 5 stars
By From bronx on

Pros: works
Recommended: Yes

great action

great action does just what a darter should be doing zig zag in to the current. I guess it could be improved a lil via changing the tail hook with a single hook maybe witha feather to give a nice tail movementI have them black and yellow

3/ 5 stars
By From Central MA on

Pros: Nice paint
Cons: No fish
Recommended: Yes

Not sure.

Looks like a good plug. I fished it when a lot of fish were around and they didnt seem intereded in it but killed the other offerings. Maybe its a confidence thing.

5/ 5 stars
By From Long Island on
Recommended: Yes

2 Oz Darter

This is the best swimmig darter i've ever used. The action is great.